Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Witchy Kitchen's Beyond Easy Dinner Rolls and Vegan Caesar Salad

Dinner Rolls:

So I have been checking out this blog lately called The Witchy Kitchen and decided to make some Beyond Easy Dinner Rolls along with some caesar salad for a simple lunch. Oh my, these rolls turned out fantastic!

To make these rolls vegan, I substituted the egg using Ener-G replacer for 1 egg (1.5 tsp Ener-G mixed with 2 tbsp warm water). I also used black and white sesame seeds instead of poppy seeds because that's what I had on hand. Next time, I will use more "butter" to coat the top of the rolls since I skimped on it a little this time and buy some poppy seeds (the sesame seeds did not make the rolls taste bad or anything).

Caesar Salad:

I have to admit, I didn't whip up my own batch of caesar salad dressing because Follow Your Heart makes an entire line of salad dressings with many, if not most of them being vegan. I haven't tried all of them, but I can tell you for sure the Vegan Caesar, Vegan Honey Mustard, and Thousand Island Dressings are fantastic! I haven't tried a dressing from Follow Your Heart I haven't liked yet.

The additional vegan salad dressing flavors, besides the ones I just listed are: Sesame Dijon, Creamy Garlic, Lemon Herb, Sesame Miso, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, and Organic Italian Vinaigrette. Here is their website: Follow Your Heart the dressings are listed under the Organic Salad Dressings and Fresh and Naturals tabs.


Stella said...

Oh Amy, I am so flattered that you tried and posted my rolls. They look great. Tell me, does Ener-G Egg replacer really do a nice job in baking? I have never been able to find it, so I use other vegan egg replacement ideas in recipes like banana, flax emulsion, and sometimes cornstarch in water.
I hope you guys liked them vegan style! Good Night...

amymylove said...

Stella: Ener-G has always worked awesome for me in baking... I almost tried flax eggs but decided against it since Ener-G always seems to work for me... I am not a skilled baker though seriously, I usually mess things up! Thank you for making such an easy recipe!

For me, to help with the rising, I preset the oven to the recipes baking temp., opened the oven, and put the bowl/ pan on top of the open oven door... This really helped with the rising I think (since I can never seem to find the correct "warm place" and I will continue to do this in the future.