Thursday, March 25, 2010


So my kombucha tea turned out perfect! Though next time, I'm going to use my newly acquired juicer to juice some smoother fruit juice instead of the chunky strawberry puree I used this time... My tea didn't taste bad, it was just a little chunkier than I would have preferred.

I'm already 4 days into my next batch and it's looking great! My new baby has already formed and I am looking forward to my next batch! Remember to keep your tea in a quiet, dim, undisturbed place (Mine is in a cabinet over the fridge I hardly get into).

So bottom line: This is sooooo EASY and CHEAP! If you love kombucha, save yourself a bazillion dollars and purchase a mother here (I purchased the first kit listed only $19.95 + S&H). The only other thing you need to get started is a huge glass jar (like a gallon) and a fine strainer. That's it! People make it sound so much harder than it actually is to make your own.

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A Vegan Goddess said...

How far did the scoby have to travel to via the mail? Can it die en-route? I am so intrigued by this. I read the thread on vw and now some of yours....and I loooove kombucha. I think I am developing an expensive addiction, lol.