Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kombucha Update

Above: Mushroom starter which I admit is kinda creepy!

Update: I am still going to brew my own kombucha though I have decided to get a starter kit from Happy Herbalist since it seems safer and inexpensive.

As soon as I receive the goodies in the mail, I plan to start brewing and blogging right away!

I'm so excited!


Stella said...

So I guess those are like little disks of fungus/microbe? Interesting, indeed, and just a little creepy! I like creepy though-kind of part of my nature as a witch and all (smile)...

amymylove said...

So I got my Kombucha mushroom in the mail today (that was fast!) and plan to start brewing tomorrow!

Yes, the kombucha mushroom is like a yeast or fungus patty... fungus= mushroom... Happy Herbalist guarantees their product and that a new baby mushroom will form so hopefully all goes well :)