Thursday, March 28, 2013

Moved Over to Facebook...

Hello All,

I have created a Vegan Luvies Facebook page that I have been posting on more regularly and will probably just stay over there for the time being... If you would like to witness my craziness here is the link:



Saturday, March 2, 2013

Online Recipe Review With Links!!! (Don't Wet Yourself in Glee)

Why hello there people who read my blog...

I have a crap ton of Vegan Food Porn sitting on my computer that needs to be discussed and I find this to be an appropriate forum for such a discussion. LET US NOT WASTE TIME...

(Mods are 2 t of garlic powder in place of cloves and 1/4 cup approx extra water/ homemade veggie broth)  

This lovely log of seitan goodness is great for vegan sammies :) This recipe was all the hype a few years ago, if you have been vegan awhile like myself you should have an adequate spice collection to make this (Give or take a few items).  It is also magical in quesadillas with green onions and homemade Jack Cheese from Artisan Vegan Kitchen!

I got the flu this year INTENSELY for a day and was craving soup when I could eat again. My friend Tanya recommended her recipe for Slow Cooker Comfort Soup that was really easy to make via a crock pot, I enjoyed it :)

If you know my blog at all by now, you know I have a slight addiction to this thing called Melty Cheese on VegWeb... Honestly, Daiya is great but kind of overpowering when you have adjusted to a life free of cheese... The only thing I missed about cheese was its ability to hold toppings on pizza or like cover and hold together lasagna... I got over that pretty quickly... I enjoy vegan nutritional yeast sauces over cheese or even vegan cheese just about every time... END RANT! I am kinda obsessed with nachos, here is my din din Wednesday night... Nachos with Melty Cheese, homemade guac, Tofutti sour cream, and homemade refried beans that were mixed with some canned diced tomatoes with green peppers :)

(Mods were Tofutti SC, an extra 1/2 cup homemade veggie broth and half a chipotle chile in adobo sauce)

Next time I might add some corn, more spice, prehaps blend half of the beans... Def some sauteed onions and garlic... AMAZING BASE RECIPE HERE PEOPLES!! Thankfully my amazing friend, Janet, alerted me of this!!!

Lastly, you need some liquid to help get all this awesomeness down... Well how about HOMEMADE HORCHATA that is BEYOND CHEAP AND EASY so get on it already.