Saturday, March 6, 2010

Brewing Kombucha

So I've officially decided I need to jump on the kombucha brewing bandwagon! Quintessence of RHIW is starting to brew her own, which has inspired me to do so as well... I love the stuff but it is SOOOO expensive to buy bottled and ready to go (just like the picture above)!

I am starting from the beginning though, and growing my very own scoby... I found the instructions to do so here.

I'll start Monday once I obtain all the necessary supplies... I gotta find a big glass jar!

Once I have my scoby ready (this can take up to 3 weeks so be patient) I'll start brewing my very own... Here are the additional instructions on how to brew your very own kombucha.

I'll keep you posted.

***I just wanted to add: check out this website too, it has a ton of brewing information as well***


Stella said...

That's wonderful, Amy. Kombucha is certainly a great way to consume vital intestinal flora, but be careful! I've heard it's quite a process/art...

amymylove said...

Ya hopefully it works out okay... Let me know if you have any tips or other helpful sites on brewing it :)

Stella said...

Hi Amy, I'll check my archive. I know I've done some reading on it. If any of it has instructions and especially vital errors to avoid (so a batch isn't ruined!), I'll send it to you.

Kefir said...

I ordered my Kombucha Culture from "

For 19.99 I got

*one large culture
*starter tea
*illustrated instructions
*online and phone support

they rock
way better than those other guys !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip
They were great !
I messed up my first batch ,i used tap water ( my fault ) and they sent me a new one free !!!
A++ service