Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy Peasy Fried Rice and Sweet & Sour Tofu

 I am going to take a short vacation this weekend but I just wanted to post about this easy meal I made with minimal food around... Though I did have a block of tofu waiting for me when I got home from work, pressed ever so perfectly in my Tofu Press!

I made about half a recipe of my Sweet & Spicy Fried Rice. For the veggies I used a frozen peas and corn mix as well as some thinly sliced green onions. I also added half a block of extra firm tofu that I had coated with a little cornstarch and pan fried until golden (I did this first and added it to the fried rice towards the end). I love eating rice with Roasted Seasoned Seaweed you should try it!

The other half of the block of tofu was also coated with cornstarch and pan fried until golden but I added some of my favorite store bought Sweet and Sour Sauce that needed to be used up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

You've been Awarded! Check out Weekly Vegan Menu.

Jess (from VW!) said...

Ooo this looks delicious! I'm still afraid of tofu, but I'd like to try seitan sometime! Would it work with it? I soo want you to cook for me :)

amymylove said...

"Anonymous" thank you so much! I love your blog and you are one amazing cook!

Jess: WTF is wrong with you?!? Totally kidding but... a vegan that doesn't eat tofu? GASP! You could do this recipe with seitan of course, but girl friend you need to start liking tofu. You have tried General Tao's Tofu on vegweb right?

Jess said...

Hahaha.. no, tofu freaks me out. I did make some lettuce wraps one time and they tasted delicious but the texture still made me sick. I do love tempeh though! I haven't had the General Tao's Tofu yet.

amymylove said...

Well Jess: I challenge you! Try General Tao's Tofu and follow the recipe...

Well except don't use the technique the recipe uses to coat the tofu with cornstarch... Coat the tofu with the egg replacer (as instructed), put the coated tofu in a big ziploc bag, add the cornstarch, and shake for a bit until coated... way easier!

If you still hate tofu after making that I will believe you about your disgust for tofu

Do you have a soy allergy or something? I remember tofu used to make me sick when I ate too much soy throughout the day so I try to take it easy and haven't had any problems with soy lately.