Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Post-A-Thon... Massive Unload Part 2

Part 2 of the Post-A-Thon will be called...

Slop: What you do when you don't have much money but need to eat some random food... 

You slop together what you have and pray it works... My slop skills have gotten pretty good, mind you, from lots of trial and error when my vegan slop journey began, 2.5 years ago :)

I eat a lot of rice and quinoa... as far as rice goes, I usually stick to my ever evolving, modification love child, Sweet and Spicy Fried Rice... All you need is cold cooked calrose rice, Braggs or soy sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce, and sriracha or chili paste, and oil... Then veggies (fresh or frozen), maybe some baked tofu if you have it... Honestly, whatever you have on hand that would taste legit in an Asian style rice dish here are a few examples: 

This version was frozen mixed veggies, onions, pickled diakon radish, and teriyaki baked tofu

This version was frozen peas and green beans, mushrooms, teriyaki baked tofu, and avocado added at the end <3

When it comes to quinoa, I enjoy it in slop stirfry dishes... I use cold quinoa cooked in my rice cooker (1 cup quinoa (rinsed), 2 cups veggie broth, and some cracked pepper) and add it at the end of cooking the rest of the ingredients in a slop dish. A few examples:

Indian slop: Pan fried drained and pressed tofu seasoned up with Indian spices, chickpeas seasoned with Indian spices, onions, bell peppers, canned diced tomatoes or tomato sauce (cannot remember), garlic, and quinoa, topped with cilantro.

Very similar dish but ran out of cilantro so not as purdy :(

I made a "Curry" (Quinoa underneath), with many of the same ingredients as before in addition to canned baby corn and coconut milk. I had cilantro this time :)

Tofu is such a go to protein for me because it is cheap, easy to quickly make, and delicious... This is a tofu stirfry where the tofu was coated with cornstarch, then fried until golden, next I added bells and onions, then some La Choy brand Sweet and Sour Sauce I had sitting in the fridge as well as some garlic chili paste.

I made a vegan lasagna but had extra noodles and lasagna fillings, so I slopped this together to make an easy pasta type meal (I gave the entire tray of lasagna I cooked to my grandma cause she loves it).


A Diary of an Animal Lover said...

Oohh the Indian slops look particularly tasty!


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

That's some pretty nice lookin' slop.