Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinner at Dad's

Another Friday and another amazing meal courtesy of my amazing Step Mom. If I had enough money, I would pay her to be my personal chef. So hopefully I will win the lottery sometime soon because this little lady is worth millions! Sorry about the small pics but I didn't bring my camera :(

We had some amazing and huge burritos.

Filled with this amazing chipotle flavored veggie stirfry which consisted of potatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and some amazing herbs and spices!

My Step Mom always makes the yummiest rice! This time she said she used some garlic and oregano and I am sure some other things as well.

She also made a stirfry with onions, tofu, and my new favorite mushrooms: Crimini! I left them out of my overly stuffed burrito, which was already the size of my head, but ate some on the side. Fantastic!

Last but not least, I managed to eat some Trader Joe's Vanilla and Mango flavored soy ice cream... And this stuff is goooooddddd <3 I am definitely going to pick up a few cartons next time I hit up TJ's.

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