Monday, May 17, 2010

First Paycheck=Trader Joe's and Tons of Produce!

So, I'll be the first to admit, I went a bit overboard this week when I hit up Trader Joe's and the local Ranch Market. Frozen goodies, snacks, dark chocolate, noodle bowls, hummus, veggies, dried fruit & nuts, etc. This is only a picture of my fridge and freezer... My pantry and cupboards are pretty full too.

My fridge has been barren for the past few weeks and I finally got my first paycheck from my new job so I LOADED UP on goodies... My fridge is jam-packed with mostly veggies but I got a bunch of other yummy vegan stuff too! Like these Cucumber Wonton Rolls from Trader Joe's (Found in the freezer section):
I fried them up in some oil and served them alongside some sticky rice and a stir-fry consisting of seitan, cabbage, kale, onions, asparagus, and teryaki sauce... Yum! These wontons are awesome, even plain, without dipping sauce!

I swear Trader Joe's is vegan heaven! Here is a LIST of their vegan offerings. A lot of their stuff is even clearly labeled with a "V" for vegan which makes decoding ingredient lists much easier!

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Stella said...

Trader Joes! I don't have one here. Come to think of it, we don't anything normal or good here-my subtropical hollow is beautiful but it kind of sucks (smile)...