Sunday, September 26, 2010

VWAV's Homemade Seitan + Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers

 VWAV is a pretty amazing cookbook though Viva Vegan still has my heart. One thing I enjoy is trying different recipes for making seitan, for us seitan makers out there, we know each batch of seitan has a life of its own and is a bit different even with the same recipe! So this time around I figured I would use VWAV's recipe for Homemade Seitan and I thought it turned out pretty standard as far as seitan goes... Nothing insanely amazing like the seitan recipes out of Viva Vegan.
So I made the seitan to use in VWAV's Ethiopian Seitan and Peppers recipe. The recipe looked like it wanted me to use the entire batch of Homemade Seitan but that seemed like way too much seitan (And definitely more than 4 cups) so used half the Homemade Seitan recipe and it came out perfect. I really liked this dish! The seitan is flavored with serranos (I left the seeds in), ginger, garlic, cumin, cardamom (Didn't have), turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, and red wine. The seitan turned out really "meaty" and moist, quite heavenly.


Stella said...

Nice, Amy. I've been meaning to try Seitan at home too. I'm kind of weirded it out by for some reason. Maybe it's the high gluten stuff.
Yours looks good though!

amymylove said...

Agreed Stella I was weirded out by it for awhile too but maybe a year after going vegan started messing around with making it. I had some mishaps at first but that's how you learn and get to try new recipes.

I love seitan now it's really awesome at replacing meat in many dishes... I love my wheat meat! Make it already :)