Saturday, April 10, 2010

VegWeb's My Husband's Deviled Egg Solution: Potato Angels!

 My Husband's Deviled Egg Solution: Potato Angels! off VegWeb is amazing: Roasted potatoes with a potato-salad-like filing made to resemble deviled eggs... I wish this recipe had been posted before Easter, as I definitely would have brought it over to my Dad's. I served my deviled "eggs" with some cubed, pan-fried tofu, coated with my favorite barbecue sauce and some thinly sliced green onions... My boyfriend LOVED this meal... Score!

- I used 7 white rose potatoes instead of new potatoes as that was all I could find at the local market
- Since the potatoes were much bigger I ended up quadrupling the "egg" filing
- These were best when the potatoes reached room temperature and filled with cold "egg" filing... Leftovers were also good but leave the deviled "eggs" out until they reach room temperature

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