Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaching Newbies How To Cook Tofu And Make Other Vegan Goodies

I often here people saying, "Oh vegan sounds so hard. I don't know how to cook. What can I eat that isn't meat?" and it goes on and on and on... I always offer up a friendly, "Well come over to my house anytime and I will show you how to cook a few things." This past weekend a coworker came over to do just that. She has really made an awesome effort to eat mostly vegan but always eats such boring stuff and ends up complaining about it (plain spinach, lazy salads, etc). This weekend I showed her how to make Chickpea Salad Sandwich Spread, Viva Vegan's Red Seitan (A recipe not for a beginner but since I was making some anyways I wanted her to watch), and some cornstarch coated, fried, teriyaki tofu with creole seasoned steamed veggies on the side.

The teriyaki tofu was drained, pressed, and cubed and shaken around in a bag with about 1/4 cup of cornstarch. I then fried the tofu until golden and added some thick teriyaki sauce and green onions. Turned out perfect as usual! To go with the tofu, I cut up some of the random veggies she brought over: broccoli, celery, and cabbage. I put a little water in the pan and added the broccoli and celery first, then covered the pan with a lid. Within a few minutes the broccoli looked tender and I added the cabbage and a little more water and mixed everything around with a generous amount of creole seasoning until the cabbage was cooked. Perfect!


Stella said...

That red tofu or is it seitan looks awesome, Amy. It's actually like pretty food (smile).
Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. It was hard to write, and I got hate mail! I knew a few intolerants would do that though. They always do;) Anyway, thanks so much, Amy.
XO, Stella

amymylove said...

LOL Stella that's teriyaki tofu luvie <3 wow people actually said mean things to you after that amazing and well put together post?! you said everything beautifully and didn't have anything crazy to say... I loved it!