Friday, February 26, 2010

Vegan Luvies?

So where did I think of the name for my new vegan blog? My 2 vegan luvies of course <3 My happy vegan adopted chihuahua mix babies Bella and Mason, the luvs of my life who thrive on a vegan diet just like their momma!


mary anne l. said...

How sweetly cute!!!

D said...

My goodness! It must be very difficult to feed them a completely balanced diet. What kind of supplements do you give them?

amymylove said...

No supplements are necessary... Pet stores cannot sell dog food that would cause your dog harm from lack of proper nutrients... If vegetarian dog food could not sustain dogs it would not be sold... Here is a link to start with:

My dogs have never been happier or healthier... Mason went from having a dingy and nasty coat to a soft and fluffy one... And they are both in great health according to our vet :)

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