Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Vegan's Do After Activism: THEY MACK DOWN!!!

Hello Luvers,
I didn't make many new years resolutions this year, only a couple... One of them was to get involved with Animal Rights Activism! I have been a passive vegan for the past 3ish years just trying to convince people being vegan was easy through my happy vibes and food sharing. For 2013, I decided it was time for me to get my butt out there and use my enthusiasm to be a voice for the animals whose cries for mercy fall on death ears. I haven't been involved long but THANK GOD I GOT ACTIVE... Mind you, I went to these events BY MYSELF at first with no one with me for moral support... I felt, OUT OF PLACE... Everyone seemed to KNOW EACH OTHER... Will shit, a few demos in and I have made some AMAZING FRIENDS and my life feels that much more complete! I now show up to events and always see a few familiar faces and if not... VEGANS ARE FUCKING AWESOME AND WELCOMING... Step out of your box and get involved, I promise you it will be fulfilling! ANYWAYSSSSSS... What do Vegans do after protests? WE EAT DANK VEGAN RESTAURANT FOOD AND WE TAKE PICTURES BEFORE WE EAT IT! Soooooo awesome to find people as strange as myself :)

Last Saturday, I joined Fur Free LA for a fur protest outside of Intermix in Beverly Hills straight across the street from The Ivy where all the yuppies go to try to get noticed... Fur is so cruel on so many levels and completely unnecessary in our times... If you are a caveman/woman you are excused otherwise, you are just an asshole without a heart or soul... If you need to see how fucked up this is for yourself, Peta2 has some intense videos... Animals are skinned ALIVE for fur, that my friends is SADISTIC whether companies do it or you create a demand by wearing it. Please read "Ingredients" on clothing to make sure you are not supporting fur, leather, wool, or silk... FUCK THAT NOISE FOR REAL. So after an amazing protest, I carted a car full of vegan girls and met a few other protesting homies at Doomie's in Los Angeles, CA... This is vegan fried comfort food... The shit you eat on a rare occasion so enjoy!!! Me and my friend Sara, who is also my navigator for finding demos in places outside my radius (I call her Columbus), shared 3 dishes cause we are fatties :) The Big Mac (On the "Secret" Menu), Fried Chicken, and the Seafood Combo... All were awesome comfort food and I wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more!

Last Sunday, I boycotted the shit out of a pet store called Barkworks that sells puppy mill dogs (This Barkworks was located in Riverside). Side note: My sisters fiancee worked there so I actually have first hand knowledge that many of the puppies that arrive to the pet store DIE and the ones that do survive sit in tanks without being walked until some dip-shit buys them... Did you know that you can ADOPT the designer dog of your choice through for a fraction of the price?! Or, if you don't give a fuck like myself, you can adopt a fur-baby, PREFERABLY A MUTT, at a shelter (Or for me a KILL SHELTER) and save an animals life who will love you forever for it... The choice is easy: ADOPT or be the reason another homeless companion animal is euthanized this year. So on to food... Me and Sara had to go to Native Foods to try their new limited time Southern Fried Stack available only 1/18-1/20/13... I can tell you that while it was pretty good, I wouldn't order it again... Not overly impressed but ate the whole damn thing... I was impressed however with my side of choice: Chipotle Black Bean Soup!!! It was bomb and I will order it again! See below:

If I can encourage anyone out there... Look at for vegan groups in your area or be like me and facebook friend request the hell out of vegan people and meet tons of new friends and have the inside scoop on TONS of events you would have never known existed. I know eating vegan is the most positive impact you can make but I challenge anyone reading my randomness to try one event this year... I think that is a realistic goal for anyone... Don't you agree?



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