Wednesday, January 9, 2013

French Bread, Oh How I love Thee...

I do a lot of shit with french bread... I love it toasted in the oven and use it to dip in soups, make awesome sammies, slather with spinach dip, etc... Below are some of my recent love affairs with toasted french bread; Keep in mind that if I could drink Vegenaise I just might because I love to slather that shit on everything... So if you have a problem with creamy white stuff you better take your business elsewhere.

I took various versions of Garbanzo Bean Salad Sammie recipes to make easy french bread flavor toppers... Pictured is mayo + kelp seasoning (mock tuna style), mayo + indian black salt (that is pink in color ((don't even fucking ask me how this makes sense)) for an "eggy" style), and mayo + curry powder for (indian style)... All were delicious but the "eggy" flavored mayo + black salt won my heart.

I also piled these puppies with the Garbanzo Bean Salad base mix and sprinkled the seasonings on top... Yum!

Lastly, I got this idea from my friend Melissa though she adds artichoke hearts to the middle, which my cheap ass didn't have on hand. Basically here, I mixed vegan mayo, nut yeast, and black salt together, dolloped that shit on some slices of french bread like an egg yolk and dusted with paprika and baked at like 350F until the mayo turned that lovely egg-yolk-like hue THESE ARE BOMB KIDS!!! Switch these out for Chicken Periods (Oops I meant deviled eggs) for your next holiday get together. Melissa's version did not include the black salt and did include a marinated artichoke heart at the center of each of these lovely little appetizers.



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