Sunday, January 27, 2013

Man Have I Been Eating A Shit-Ton of Loving Hut Lately

YES EXACTLY AS THE HEADING READS... I can't get enough of Loving Hut, Ladera Ranch, CA this past week and have ate takeout more than a few times (Sometimes I want to eat dank food without cooking, I confess)... Loving Hut is EVERYWHERE and the menu has similarities and differences between each location and is priced CHEAP for vegan-fare... So basically, I am going to make you green with envy (not your hippie green juice) about all the delicious vegan Asian food I have shoved in my face this week.

Starters: Golden Nuggets & Jumbo Drum Sticks

Golden Nuggets verdict: BOMB! Better than Pink Slime Mc Donald's Nuggets any day... The barbecue sauce was even better than Mc D's too and that is some hard shit to beat!

Jumbo Drumstick's verdict: Pretty good, I liked that what looked like a chicken bone was actually a SHROOM that you could eat (As in the whole thing was edible, some vegan places have the fake bone for looks but you can't eat it).

Chef's Special: Clay Pot (Keep in mind, all of this is to-go packaged)

This shit was BOMB, loved the sauce, can't really say it tasted fishy (Which is probably a good thing) but it was delicious and the look was spot on as well as the texture... Mad props.

Rice Dishes: Tangy Orange (I suppose it is called a "rice dish" because it comes with rice?! Though that is an inconsistent hypothesis if you look at the dish above)...

Really liked this... Reminds me of orange beef, and it came with a cute salad with some whack-ass dressing so I used some of my own since I was in the luxury of my own apartment :)

Noodles & Soups: BBQ Noodles & Pho

I have had the BBQ Noodles before at a Loving Hut in Orange, CA and they were AMAZING... These were mediocre at best compared to my first experience, maybe it was because they were to-go?

Here are the noodles mixed up and the okay-tasting Crispy Roll gone from the picture into my tum tum :)

Now the Pho was OFF THE CHAIN (Ya, I just said that)... Perfection, SOOOOOO GOOD! I will admit though, I have never had Pho with animal meat in it so I cannot compare. I have had vegan pho at an actual pho restaurant and it was bland and boring as shit (Vegans apparently don't need flavor only steamed veggies and broth that tastes similar to water)... This dish definitely changed my opinion on how Pho is DANK when done right!

Thank you for reading my reviews and if you want to punch me in the face for all this I understand. I am sorry if you live somewhere where such amazing vegan restaurants aren't like EVERYWHERE (Hey, I ain't in LA though so it is kinda "Hood" for vegan restaurants)... The times are changing, hang in there fellow vegan comrades, I am sure one will pop up soon!



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