Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another week of goodies: 12/13 through 12/19

This week I made quite a few things...
Homemade Refried Bean (With pickled jalapenos added) and Roasted Breakfast Potato Burritos covered in green taco sauce
VegWeb's Cheesy Bean and Cheese Enchiladas made with homemade enchilada sauce, I used Viva Vegan's Red Chili Sauce Recipe and subbed tomato sauce for diced tomatoes, turned out perfect.
Now if only I could figure out how to roast dried chili's without practically killing myself from the insane fumes it produces... Any tips let me know! I almost killed both me and my brother, we were coughing for 30 minutes on and off! But my enchiladas were good, I even added extra sauce :)
I made Viva Vegan's Yellow Rice with Garlic to go along with my enchiladas, phenomenal as usual.
I also made VWAV's Stuffed Peppers and added some homemade Refried Beans with added pickled jalapenos and sold it to 3 coworkers for lunch... $4 a pop gave me enough money to buy some tofu and veggies I needed for salad stuff
I also made VegWeb's They Won't Know it's Vegan Lasagna, I subbed VegWeb's Sausage Crumbles for the ground beef sub
This is a shot of the last of the lasagna, I actually ended up making 1 big lasagna and 1 small lasagna with odds and ends of ingredients that I still had left... I actually liked the small one more because I added leftover roasted brussels for the veggie filling... YUM!
Yesterday it was raining so I was in the mood for soup. I made VegWeb's Corn Chowder.
I was craving some of VegWeb's General Tao's Tofu so I made it yesterday as well.
It was my brother's birthday Thursday and I finally got around to making him some chocolate cupcakes using THIS recipe. Turned out perfect! I smothered them with store bought vegan frosting :)
See ya again next week :)

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HayMarket8 said...

It all looks so good...especially those cupcakes! :)