Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some boring stuff I've been eating... 12/20/10-1/1/2011 Happy New Year!

Yep I admit this blog is very boring and I'm sorry. I have been a lazy bum when it comes to creating anything new or taking pictures of everything... I mean seriously, how many pictures of Rainbow Salad, Teriyaki Tofu, and yes like 5 of the pictures I'm about to post, do you want to see?! But here are my boring old pictures in all there glory :)

I hit up my local health food store, Mother's Market, and got a slice of vegan pizza... Hot damn this was good and yes I took a bite before I took the picture! They supposedly use Daiya cheese, which I don't like, but this was legit! I dipped my slice in vegan ranch <3
I also got some Asian-y, Seitan-y stirfry, also good... I liked the pizza better though.
Last weekend I made a typical vegan staple, a Tofu Scramble, and added some leftover Roasted Breakfast Potatoes to the mix... Yummmm (My bro even ate some!)
I also made VWAV's Pancakes topped with some cheapy Aunt G "syrup" (They don't even call it maple syrup anymore, probably cause maple isn't in the ingredients) and Rice Whip Cream. I had to add more flour though to the recipe this time... Maybe because I used pre-sifted it makes a difference?
I also made my weekly batch of Refried Beans, I'm over the "Smokey" bit and just add canned jalapeno slices instead. Perfection every time.
I used the beans to make some yummy bean burritos topped with store bought guac.
I also made a double batch of Viva Vegan's Gallo Pinto. I always double the vegan worchestire.
Yesterday I made my favorite recipe, Viva Vegan's Peruvian Seitan Skewers, yes I know you've seen these a million times!
Lastly, another tried and true vegan staple, Garbanzo Bean Salad Sandwiches, topped with seaweed flakes (Called Rice Seasoning at the Asian market... Sesame seeds, salt, sugar, seaweed) for a "tuna" feel
Hope you all had a good New Years! Mine was pretty rough and I have plenty of new bumps and bruises to prove it! Fun though :)

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Jess (VW) said...

Aw, I love your pictures! It definitely helps when I'm trying to imagine what something looks like.