Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cookbook Review: Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

Well peoples, it is known that vegan cheese is actually tasting fucking awesome these days thanks to Daiya... No more vomit smelling unmelting cheese looking objects need to be used in a vegan kitchen... Shit, if you have been vegan for awhile like myself, you have probably long parted ways with needing cheese in your life (I would leave it out of vegan recipes calling to add vegan cheese cause it would pollute the shit out of a perfectly legit dish)... So anyways, there is this pretty new and amazing DIY vegan cheese cookbook out now called Artisan Vegan Cheese... I enjoy this cookbook and I really think Miyoko has some brilliant ideas on how to form some legit texture (It is like a science experiment!!) but I think another book is due to perfect these genius ideas... I would say all the cheeses I have tried in this book are either ok or pretty good, my favorites have been the Meltables: Muenster in particular I will continue to make and Monterey Jack. I don't think I could convert someone to ditch cheese with this cookbook but it is fun for us vegans to play with :) Daiya Wedges on the other hand are conversion material!

Boursin (Flavored with parsley, nooch, garlic, tarragon, thyme, and marjoram): FUCKING SICK, first try...

My favorite thus far: Meltable Muenster!

Delish on crackers!!! Slices well, great texture :)

Meltable Muenster actually melting on some Yellow Garlic Rice :)

My bff Jessica's fave: Smoke Provolone (I liked the taste and not the texture, would have preferred something firmer), good with crackers but I can only tolerate so much liquid smoke in my life

Incorporated some in some mediocre Mac & Cheeze (I can just blame the whole wheat pasta on this... blech)

Meltable Monterey Jack has a texture that is pretty spot on :) a bit firmer would have been perf (Seemed a lil wet)

Made a veggie sammie with some sliced Monterey Jack (AWESOME)

Made some Quesadillas (EVEN AWESOME-ER)

I also made the Sharp Cheddar and did not enjoy it (Texture) and the Meltable Cheddar which was not right texture wise but tasted fine in quesadillas (Pictured above and in the glass dish below)

Overall great book, amazing ideas, looking forward to her next!



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