Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gravy and Indian... Yup

^ Not together, though I am not guaranteeing this will never happen... I will welcome you to my bizarre world of food pairing, seriously bizarre peoples... This is one of the reasons I usually just show the dish alone and not the actual plate I eat. Ha! I will let you in to my world, just this once for my gravy posts:) Kidding...

So first, I had potatoes, which grew into parsley garlic mashed potatoes, these mashed potatoes felt a little nakee (Yup that's how I say it) and wanted a good slathering of gravy. I made two different types of gravy, both from VegWeb and my nakee mashed potatoes were satisfied.

First off was Vegetarian "Chicken" Gravy. This was very good gravy! I used the Superior Touch's No Chicken Bouillon which is good stuff! I am happy that this is easy to find now that Mother's Market stopped carrying No-Chicken Broth Powder in the bulk bins :(

(Mashed Potatoes with Vegetarian Chicken Gravy, Creole Seasoned Roasted Zucchini and Poblano Peppers, and Tofu Scramble)

Next off was Miso Gravy. This was alright, I used white miso and I think I would have liked it better with red. I added some poultry seasoning and a few extra tablespoons of flour to thicken it more. Not bad but not insanely good. I was happy to use up some of the miso paste that has been parked in my fridge for the past few months.

(Mashed Potatoes with Miso Gravy, Baked Teriyaki Tofu, and Easy Elotes)

On to the Indian! Manjula's Kitchen is such an awesome resource to learn how to cook some easy and tasty Indian Food. I've made both these dishes before but this time around I tweaked them a little!

Aloo Gobi with green peas added this time as she suggests and I doubled the green chili's, diced them, and added them in with the "paste". Loved it!

Aloo Baingan was much better this time around! I doubled the spice/ paste ingredients except for the salt which made the dish so much better since last time this was really mild and bland in my opinion.

Peace, Love, and Veganess <3

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Well now I really want mash & gravy!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Never heard of Parsely in Mashed Potatoes. You sure love VegWeb!