Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awesome Saturday! Vegan Dining at Thuyen Vien in Anaheim CA!

Holy smokes Thuyen Vien in Anaheim California is freakin AMAZING! I want to go back tomorrow for realzzz people! Take a seat and embrace yourself for some food porn and if you're ever in So Cal, get your fanny over to Thuyen Vien. Almost everything is vegan except like five "fish" dishes... kinda wonder why they even bother...

So my amazing step mom treated me to lunch today and this is what we had:

Thai Iced Tea... Solid

Spring Rolls... Wrap these in the lettuce leaf with some of the mint and double dip your heart out in the sauce

Banana Flower Tacos... Plain ingredients that somehow become heavenly

Fried Rice Thailand Style... Loved it! Tofu chunks, fake meats, cilantro, delicious short grain rice... Add some chili paste and now we're talkin :)

Soy Chicken Garlic with Special Sauce... Good, standard TVP chunks with some good sauce and green onions, no complaints

Eggplant Claypot Sensation... Eggplant is the new love of my life, this melts in your mouth, I will be fantasizing about this tonight <3

Vegan Flan... First vegan flan experience, epic, no difference!

Vegan Cheesecake... Solid, no complaints

Get your ass to Thuyen Vien HERE IS THE MENU.

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Abby said...

Hey <3 this new creation i did tried that but that was Srilakan style but that taste awesome <3 all your stuff add me on facebook Noel Abby Barber thanks