Monday, September 17, 2012

I am still here!

Hey everybody I am still alive. Conflicting google accounts has made it really rough on me even logging in lately so sorry if I have not posted or responded to comments. My blog should be back in action soon. I am hoping my buddy Jessica can start guest posting until I get a camera as mine fell apart. Yes I am still vegan, Yes I am still alive, Yes I am still cooking up a storm. TTY soon!




jacqui said...

Glad to hear you're ok! Am looking forward to new posts.

Jess said...

I was just about to post on your fb about how you need to start up your blog again!! I miss your good ideas (and you! You need to make a trip to see me before I move even further away!)

BTW. I absolutely hate those "please prove you're not a robot" things.. I can never read them right. :( Third time's a charm!..Fourth?