Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vegan Fine Dining at Shojin in Los Angeles for my 27th Bday

For my 27th bday (Which was June 17th) I really wanted to go up to LA and mack on some good fancy vegan food. I've heard a lot of talk about this Shojin place and it was pretty darn good, mind you, I have had better, cheaper, and more filling vegan meals at places like Komol in Las Vegas and even my local Native Foods. This was a real treat though and very fancy :) so money well spent in my opinion. We also hit up the Museum of Contemporary Art cause they were showcasing a dope graffiti exhibit which I thoroughly enjoyed.
We started off the meal with a iced green tea for my friend and a natural soda for me... We also got water which was served at room temp with no ice?! Who the hell thinks this is normal or okay I do not know... I asked for some cubes :)
The green tea was so tasteless it sorta tasted like drinking water but it sure was purdy...
My friend Sierra ordered the Dynamite Roll... Very good presentation... I thought the mock tuna had a weird consistency, nothing like tuna, but I don't care much about those things as long as they taste good and don't contain animal parts :)

I splurged and got the Bento Box!
It came with a yummy Mixed Green Salad...
Miso Soup... Squeeee
The actual "Box" had Sushi, Fried Rice, Pumpkin Croquette, and Spicy "Chicken" Seitan... The only thing that was magical in that box was the seitan... I wish I could have just grubbed on a monstrous plate of that... These all came in sizes fit for a small child... But yes, I'm was fancy for a day ;)
For dessert we shared the Ice Cream Trio... Very pretty and pretty tasty as well.

I think I will try Shojin again but probably if I'm ever a "blaller" with lots of money to blow on small portions of pretty vegan food :)

Peace, Love, Vegan <3


The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Jealous to the Nth degree. Oh, Happy Birthday.

amymylove said...

thanks sweetie <3